Automotive Software Engineering


The aim of the course is to give as broad an overview as possible of the relevant topics of software development in the automotive sector through a mixture of theoretical and practical lectures. During the course, practical exercises with hands-on tools are performed to give the students even more impressions of the world of automotive software engineering. After completing this module, students will know the essential basics as well as suitable methods and tools for software development in the automotive sector. Students will be able to apply basic software development methods of embedded systems as well as complexity and quality management techniques. The module consists of theoretically oriented lectures, various guest lectures and a course credit (exercise for the lecture). Both the lecture exam and the coursework must be passed to successfully complete the module.

Guest lectures
  • Clemens Reichmann (Vector) - Automotive Systems Engineering
  • Mathias Mallik (Mercedes) - Mobility Services
  • Marc Zofka (FZI) - Automated Connected Driving
  • Pascal Piecha (IPG) - Simulation / Scenario Based Testing
  • Jens Koehler (ITK) - Safety and Security in Automotive
Presentation language German

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