Practical course: Advanced Software Development Tools


The requirements for modern software are becoming ever higher and more complex. This is accompanied by the introduction of ever new techniques for developing software to meet these requirements. Often, this requires research to implement new development environments and tools that support these advanced development techniques.

In this module, participants use and extend advanced software development tools from practice and research. This is to either extend the functionality or improve the tool in the area of non-functional features.

Internship assignments are individually graded, and group work is provided. The internship is integrated into the current research work of the chair and offers a lot of room for creativity. The internship tasks are practically oriented and prepare the students for realistic tasks in research and in industry.

Course language German
Organisational issues

Please register for the practical course in ILIAS. No formal registration is necessary. We will admit you to the event afterwards. The registration is possible until 21.10.

The practical course will take place in a small group. The practical course will start with an introductory meeting on October 26th at 15:45 in room 301. After the first two weeks of lectures, the internship will be accompanied by weekly meetings.